About Fourteen Forty Strength

This team was founded by two students at Shippensburg University with the intention of creating an enjoyable environment that revolved around a barbell. Originating in 2015, in the back of a small CrossFit gym, Shippensburg Weightlifting saw a spike in interest and growth which led them to an inevitable expansion thus creating Fourteen Forty Strength Systems. Moving our base of operations to a gym in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, we added staff and created new partnerships.   

Looking back over the growth we have encountered over the past 3 years we could not be more thankful for the enormous amount of support we have received. The University in which we once started and the weightlifting community gave us a chance for our small club to grow into a successful company.

Our team has always valued the time in which we are participating in the sport we have come to love, from the countless minutes, days, months, and years, we have viewed our training as timeless. As a result of this mindset the name Fourteen Forty (1440) came to life. 1,440 is symbolic to the amount of minutes in a day, each one being equally as important as the next. Our team was built off 5 a.m. workouts and a drive to capitalize on each days valuable time.

Once again we thank you for your support and look forward to the journey ahead. 

Thank you,

The Fourteen Forty team,




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Weightlifting, like any sport, needs to be constantly progressing. The coaches at Fourteen Forty emphasize hard work and effort, combined with lethal movement and the relentless pursuit of continual progress however small or large. When an individual joins the team you'll experience the New Age of weightlifting. Our unorthodox approach on traditional movements is the reason why our lifters are capable of pushing the body past normal training modalities.


Head coaches Kyle Fields & David Laudermilch have a combined decade in the sport. Not just Olympic weightlifting, but CrossFit, general strength and powerlifting.


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