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Weightlifting, like any sport, needs to be constantly progressing. The coaches at Fourteen Forty emphasize hard work and effort, combined with lethal movement and the relentless pursuit of continual progress, however small or large. When an individual joins the team you'll experience the ‘New Age’ of weightlifting. Our unorthodox approach on traditional movements is the reason why our lifters are capable of pushing the body past normal training modalities.


We offer unmatched programming, coaching, and mentorship in olympic weightlifting - the snatch and clean & jerk. An individual who is interested in weightlifting has two options of participation: in-person/onsite or remote based coaching.


To participate in-person/onsite, a membership includes; facility fees, individualized mobile programming (based on the specific needs of the athlete), hands-on coaching (to assist in the athletic development) and a community support system (we strive to provide an unmatched team experience to this individual sport).

To register follow the link: https://www.crossfit717.com/weightlifting